Medical examination

Digital diagnostic complex

FGBU «National Medical Research Center for Therapy and Preventive Medicine» of the Ministry of Health of Russia has been successfully working for 75 years to promote the prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases and formation of the organizational system of delivering medical care in the primary care setting based on historical and innovative solutions.

In cooperation with PolymedProf, a small innovative enterprise, a mobile medical complex was created which can be used for diagnosing the condition of patients as well as primary healthcare outside the walls of inpatient healthcare facilities.

The software and hardware complex includes innovative equipment that allows to provide a wide range of medical services: laboratory diagnostics, instrumental diagnostics (Portable X-ray machine, mobile wireless electrocardiograph, portable ophthalmic tonometer, mobile multi-frequency electro impedance mammograph, portable ultrasound machine), telemedicine consultations. The examination results are partially processed using artificial intelligence, which minimizes the likelihood of medical errors and helps doctors make a diagnosis and decide on the need and treatment tactics. Data arrives via secure communication channels through the IT platform directly to the local MIS.
The capabilities of this HSC have been demonstrated at the second Russia-Africa summit was held in July 2023 in Saint-Petersburg and aroused great interest among the visitors of the exhibition – representatives of delegations from African countries.

With this solution, it is to conduct a full cycle of preventive examinations and medical examinations without visiting a healthcare facility (at home, work or any other address convenient for the patient). The use of this complex will allow to prevent the development of diseases – the main causes of death of the population, which will lead to a significant increase in the average life expectancy and quality of life of the local population.

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